Introducing the only way to experience the excitement of personally creating your own batch of handmade bourbon. We have conducted extensive testing and have found that the same color, aroma and taste that is created during the conventional barrel aging process also occurs with our Barrel Your Own Bourbon process. Pour our specially formulated RISKY? WHISKY into your barrel (jar) of pre-measured, carefully toasted American Oak wood chips and watch the aging process begin! You can observe your whisky’s transformation in the clear barrel! Use the barrel lid label to record your barrelling date, ingredients and any other notes you wish to add. You decide when the bourbon is ready and simply return the finished product to the original container. Place the supplied filter into the supplied funnel and slowly pour the contents of your jar into the bottle. You will have less bourbon than the clear RISKY? WHISKY you started with because of the absorption from the wood and filter. This is the same thing that occurs in the conventional barrel aging process so we handle it the same way. Just add enough water to the bottle to bring the level back to the original level you started with. This will be where the neck meets the body of the bottle. You should end up with a product around 90 proof. If you want to be more precise when adjusting the proof, visit our online store where you can find a proof hydrometer. This is the same tool that many distilleries use for accurate proofing. If you haven’t already, remove the original label from the bottle and apply your new, customized label to your new, personalized bottle of Bourbon. See the tips and tricks section for custom printing instructions. You’re all done. Now wasn’t that fun and easy!

Roughly 70% of a whisky’s flavor comes from the wood of the barrel.

All Whisky starts out clear. It’s the
aging in Oak that gives Whisky it’s rich,
amber color

Making whisky is fun!

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